Suzannah Pettigrew Suzannah Pettigrew
IFSR (I feel so relaxed)
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Film and voiceover: George Jasper Stone and Suzannah Pettigrew. Soundscape: cktrl

IFSR (I feel so relaxed) is a testimonial of a user’s experience in a speculative virtual reality spa of the future. A recollection of personal memory and fantasy treatments inform the digital code that creates the 3D visuals illustrating the user's energetic response. The voiceover script describes simulated spa treatments with a soundscape by musician cktrl that guides the viewer. IFSR is a wellness forecast of how we could embrace and experience relaxation, rejuvenation and restoration in the future.

May 2019

Commissioned by Dazed Beauty

Exhibited at The Wrong Biennale in Spector World's Cyber Sanctuaries Pavilion, November 2019