Suzannah Pettigrew

The duality of sexual desire: participating in extreme attachment while forcing detachment from reality. Selling ourselves - and each other - a fantasy of what we want, and how we want it. Allowing our desire to be fetishized. Presenting it as a commodity. Our capitalist environment conditions us to seek the unattainable. It separates us from reality and pushes us into a fantasy world that provides nothing but isolation after the initial suspense. Fulfilling our pre-destined gender roles, the dominant male and submissive female. Always persevering to perform as the object of conquest.

Exhibited as part of solo show 'Stop Trying to Sell me a Fantasy That I Don't Want to Buy' at Sang Bleu Contemporary Art and Project Space, London. Curated by Maxime Buchi and Hope Plescia. Big Thanks to Jenny On.

(Video, Digital, 2.11mins, 2014 / Cote D’Azur Fountain (Just Showing You Paradise Babe), prefabricated fountain, paint, pvc, perspex, 2014)